Pharmacy Management: Essentials for All Practice Settings, Fourth Edition
Table of Contents

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I. Why Study management in Pharmacy School?
Chapter 1. The “Management” in Medication Therapy Management
Chapter 2. Management Functions
Chapter 3. Creating and Managing Value
II. Managing Operation
Chapter 4. Strategic Planning in Pharmacy Operations
Chapter 5. Business Planning for Pharmacy Programs
Chapter 6. Operations Management
Chapter 7. Managing Medication Use Process Supporting Technologies and Automation
Chapter 8. Ensuring Quality in Pharmacy Operations
Chapter 9. Outcomes Evaluation of Pharmacy Operations
III. Managing People
Chapter 10. Time Management/Organizational Skills
Chapter 11. Organizational Structure and Behavior
Chapter 12. Human Resources Management Functions
Chapter 13. Customer Service
Chapter 14. Managing the Workplace to Protect the organization and Improve Employee Quality of Worklife
Chapter 15. Performance Appraisal Systems
Chapter 16. Leadership Theory and Application
IV. Managing Money
Chapter 17. Financial Reports
Chapter 18. Budgeting
Chapter 19. Third-Party Payer Considerations
Chapter 20. Impact of Health Policy on Health Care Delivery
V. Managing Traditional Good s and Services
Chapter 21. Marketing Theory
Chapter 22. Marketing Applications
Chapter 23. Purchasing and Inventory Management
Chapter 24. Merchandising
VI. Managing Value-Added Services
Chapter 25. Value-Added Services as a Component of Enhancing Pharmacists’ Roles in Public Health
Chapter 26. Implementing Value-Added Pharmacy Services
VII. Managing Risks in Pharmacy Practice
Chapter 27. Risk Management in Contemporary Pharmacy Practice
Chapter 28. Compliance with Regulation and Regulatory Bodies
Chapter 29. Preventing and Managing Medication Errors: The Pharmacists’ Role
VIII. Management Applications in Specific Pharmacy Practice Settings
Chapter 30. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Chapter 31. Applications in Independent Community Pharmacy
Chapter 32. Applications in Chain Community Pharmacy
Chapter 33. Applications in Hospital Pharmacy Practice
Chapter 34. Applications in Managed and Specialty Environments
Chapter 35. Applications in Safety Net Clinics
Chapter 36. Applications in Varied Health Care Systems