Peter Norton's Intro to Computers 6/e
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Peter Norton's Intro to Computers 6/e

Chapter 1: Introducing Computer Systems

Chapter 2: Presenting the Internet Sample Chapter

Computing Keynotes #1: Creating Your Own Web Page

Chapter 3: Interacting with Your Computer

Chapter 4: Seeing, Hearing, and Printing Data

Computing Keynotes #2: Buying Your First Computer

Chapter 5: Processing Data

Chapter 6: Storing Data

Chapter 7: Using Operating Systems

Chapter 8: Working with Application Software

Chapter 9: Networks

Chapter 10: Working in the Online World

Computing Keynotes #3: Professional Certification Programs

Chapter 11: Database Management

Chapter 12: Development of Information Systems

Chapter 13: Software Programming and Development

Chapter 14: Protecting Your Privacy, Your Computer, and Your Data

Computing Keynotes#4: Viruses

Appendix A: The History of Microcomputers
Appendix B: Answers to Self-Checks