Payroll Accounting 2018
  • A modern approach to payroll accounting, Payroll 2018 provides a “practitioners’ view” of this highly specialized area of accounting.
  • Payroll 2018 Incorporates examples of real-world companies, and highlights the relevance of the course in its coverage of issues that students will face in their careers, such as labor planning and labor costs. 
  • Connect: A highly reliable, easy-to-use homework and learning management solution that embeds learning science and award-winning adaptive tools to improve student results

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Table of Contents

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Program Details

1 Payroll Practices and System Fundamentals
2 Payroll System Procedures
3 Gross Pay Computation
4 Fringe Benefits and Voluntary Deductions
5 Employee Net Pay and Pay Methods
6 Employer Payroll Taxes and Labor Planning
7 Payroll Register, Employees’ Earnings Records, and Accounting System Entries

A Continuing Payroll Project: Wayland Custom Woodworking
B Special Classes of Federal Tax Withholding
C Federal Income Tax Tables
D State Income Tax Information
E State Revenue Department Information
F Payroll Certification Information