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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Basic Optics and Optical System Specifications
Chapter 2: Stops and Pupils and Other Basic Principles
Chapter 3: Diffraction, Aberrations, and Image Quality
Chapter 4: The Concept of Optical Path Difference
Chapter 5: Review of Specific Geometrical Aberrations and How to Get Rid of Them
Chapter 6: Glass Selection (including Plastics)
Chapter 7: Spherical and Aspheric Surfaces
Chapter 8: Design Forms
Chapter 9: The Optical Design Process
Chapter 10: Computer Performance Evaluation
Chapter 11. Gaussian Beam Imagery
Chapter 12. Basics of Thermal Infrared Imaging in the 3- to 5- and 8- to 12-um Spectral Bands (Plus UV Optics)
Chapter 13. Diffractive Optics
Chapter 14. Design of Illumination Systems
Chapter 15. Performance Evaluation and Optical Testing
Chapter 16. Tolerancing and Producibility
Chapter 17. Optomechanical Design
Chapter 18. Optical Manufacturing Considerations
Chapter 19. Polarization Issues in Optical Design
Chapter 20. Optical Thin Films
Chapter 21. Hardware Design Issues
Chapter 22. Lens Design Optimization Case Studies
Chapter 23. Optical Sensor Systems Modeling and Analysis
Chapter 24. Stray Light and Optical Scattering
Chapter 25. Bloopers and Blunders in Optics
Chapter 26. Rule of Thumb and Hints