OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN: DECISIONS & CASES https://www.mheducation.com/cover-images/Jpeg_250-high/0077835433.jpeg?404URL=https://shop.mheducation.com/mhshopweb/images/no_cover_140.png
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- This book employs a cross-functional perspective that emphasizes strategy and critical thinking, appealing to non-majors and practical for use in an MBA level or undergraduate course in operations management.
- The size and focus of the book also make the text attractive for the cross-functional curriculum where students are required to purchase more than one text.
- The eighteen cases offer variety in length and rigor; and several are from Ivey, Stanford, and Darden. This mix makes the book appropriate for both undergraduates and MBA students.

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Table of Contents

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1. The Operations Function
2. Operations and Supply Chain Strategy
3. Product Design
4. Process Selection
5. Service Delivery System Design
6. Process-Flow Analysis
7. Lean Thinking and Lean Systems
8. Managing Quality
9. Quality Control and Improvement
10. Forecasting
11. Capacity Planning
12. Scheduling Operations
13. Project Planning and Scheduling
14. Independent Demand Inventory
15. Materials Requirements Planning and ERP
16. Supply Chain Management
17. Sourcing
18. Global Logistics