The Old Rules of Marketing are Dead: 6 New Rules to Reinvent Your Brand and Reignite Your Business
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Chapter 1: The Art of Reinvention & It's Six Principles; Chapter 2: The Essence of You; Chapter 3: The Consumer (or customer) Knows Best; Chapter 4: Your Reputation Precedes You; Chapter 5: Sleep Soundly, Work Fearfully; Chapter 6: Neatness is Next to Godliness; Chapter 7: The Whole is Larger Than Its Parts; Chapter 8: Mind Your P's and Q's; Chapter 9: Do as I do, Not as I say; Chapter 10: Strategy is the Heart, But Measurement is the Lifeblood; Chapter 11: Frameworks, Frameworkds, Frameworks; Chapter 12: Communicate, Then Communicate Some More; Chapter 13: It's More Than Just Channel Surfing; Chapter 14: It's All About the Relationship; Chapter 15: You Don't Have to Go It Alone; Chapter 16: It's Not About You, It's Really About Me; Chapter 17: The Long Arm of the Law; Chapter 18: The Great Debate; Centered or Localized; Chapter 19: Technology is Only the Enabler; Chapter 20: Leadership Isn't a Noun, It's a Verb