The O'Leary Series Microsoft Windows 7
Table of Contents

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Program Details

O'Leary; Windows 7

Windows 7 Overview 

System Software 

Application Software 

Microsoft Windows 7 

Case Study for Windows 7 Tutorials

Before You Begin

Instructional Conventions

Lab 1 

Windows 7 Basic Skills


Case Study

Concept Overview

Starting Windows 7

Turning on the Computer
Using the Mouse
Exploring the Desktop

Using Windows 7

Using the Start Menu
Starting Windows Help and Support

Working with Windows

Sizing and Moving Windows
Scrolling a Window
Using Help and Support
Navigating Help and Support
Using the Browse Help Feature
Searching Help
Printing a Help Topic
Using Dialog Boxes
Using the Options Menu

Working with Multiple Windows

Opening a Second Window
Arranging Windows
Minimizing All Open Windows
Closing a Window

Using Folder Windows

Exploring the Computer Window
Changing the Window Layout
Navigating the Folder Window
Changing Folder Views
Sorting Files and Folders

Viewing and Organizing Pictures

Using the Pictures Folder
Using Windows Photo Gallery

Shutting Down Windows 7 

Lab 2 

File Management


Case Study 

Concept Overview 

Managing Files Using Folders

Using the Folders List
Using the Address Bar 
Creating Folders 
Renaming Folders 
Deleting Folders 
Customizing a Folder 

Working with Files 

Copying Using the Menu 
Adding File Properties 
Filtering, Grouping, and Stacking 
Using Drag and Drop 
Selecting Nonadjacent Files
Renaming and Deleting Files 
Using the Recycle Bin 

Searching Your Computer

Finding Files

Narrowing the Search 

Running Applications 

Starting NotePad 
Opening a File 
Editing a Document 
Printing a Document 
Saving a File 

Lab 3 

Using Applications


Case Study

Concept Overview 

Using Shortcut Icons

Creating a Shortcut 
Opening a File 

Using WordPad

Editing the Document 
Formatting Text 
Saving the Document to the Desktop 

Creating a Graphic

Creating a Blank Document Icon 
Starting Paint 
Drawing with Paint
Adding Color
Using the Brush Tool 
Using the Eraser 
Using the Airbrush Tool 
Creating a Custom Color 

Copying between Documents

Copying to Another File 
Editing an Embedded Object 

Previewing, Printing, and Saving the Document 

Cleaning up the Desktop