The New Era of Regulatory Enforcement: A Comprehensive Guide for Raising the Bar to Manage Risk
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About the Editors/Authors v
Contributors vii
Authors’ Acknowledgments ix

Introduction xi
Richard H. Girgenti
Chapter 1: The New Era of Regulatory Enforcement 1
Richard H. Girgenti
Chapter 2: Raising the Bar: A Framework for Managing Risk 27
Timothy P. Hedley
Richard H. Girgenti

Chapter 3: Bribery and Corruption 67
Pamela J. Parizek
Chapter 4: Money Laundering 101
Teresa A. Pesce
John F. Caruso

Chapter 5: Economic and Trade Sanctions 117
Charles M. Steele
Chapter 6: Market Manipulation and Insider Trading 135
Richard J. Bergin
Nathan B. Ploener
Timothy P. Hedley

Chapter 7: Financial Reporting Fraud 159
Howard A. Scheck
Timothy P. Hedley

Chapter 8: Unfair, Deceptive, and Abusive Consumer Finance Practices 183
Amy S. Matsuo
Chapter 9: Offshore Tax Evasion 207
Laurence Birnbaum-Sarcy
Chapter 10: Fraud and Misconduct in Healthcare 225
Glen E. Moyers
Chapter 11: Fraud and Misconduct in Life Sciences 237
Mark C. Scallon
Regina G. Cavaliere
Richard L. Zimmerer

Endnotes 255
Index 297