Nanoelectronic Mixed-Signal System Design
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Ch. 1: Opportunities and Challenges of Nanoscale Technology and Systems Ch. 2: Emerging Systems Designed as Analog / Mixed-Signal System-on-Chips (AMS-SoCs) Ch. 3: Nanoelectronics Issues for Design for Excellence Ch. 4: Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) Component Circuits Ch. 5: Electronic Signal Converter Circuits Ch. 6: Sensor Circuits and Systems Ch. 7 Memory in the AMS-SoCs Ch. 8: Power Supply Subsystem for the AMS-SoC Ch. 9: Mixed-Signal Circuit and System Design Flow Ch. 10: Mixed-Signal Circuit and System Simulation Ch. 11: Power-Aware AMS-SoC Design Methodologies Ch. 12: Parasitic-Aware AMS-SoC Design Methodologies Ch. 13: Variability-Aware AMS-SoC Design Methodologies Ch. 14: Thermal-Aware Design of in AMS-SoC Components Ch. 15: Security-Aware Design of in AMS-SoC Components Ch. 16: Metamodel-Based Fast AMS-SoC Design Methodologies Ch. 17: Verilog-AMS Based Ultra-Fast and Accurate AMS-SoC Design Exploration Index