Modules: The Science of Psychology
Table of Contents

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What is Psychology?

Module 1: Defining Psychology: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Module 2: What Psychologists Do

The Science of Psychology and Health and Wellness

Psychology’s Scientific Method

Module 3: The Scientific Method and Thinking Critically

Module 4: Types of Psychological Research

Module 5: How Psychological Research is Conducted

The Scientific Method and Health and Wellness

Biological Foundations of Behavior

Module 6: The Nervous and Endocrine Systems

Module 7: The Brain

Module 8: Genetics and Behavior

Psychology’s Biological Foundations of Health and Wellness

Touring the Nervous Center and the Brain Overlay

Sensation and Perception

Module 9: How We Sense and Perceive the World

Module 10: The Visual System

Module 11: The Auditory System

Module 12: The Other Senses

Sensation, Perception, and Health and Wellness

Touring the Senses Overlay

The Nature of Consciousness

Module 13: The Nature of Consciousness

Module 14: Sleep and Dreams

Module 15: Psychoactive Drugs

Module 16: Hypnosis

Consciousness and Health and Wellness: Meditation


Module 17: Types of Learning

Module 18: Classical Conditioning

Module 19: Operant Conditioning

Module 20: Observational Learning

Module 21: Factors in Learning

Learning and Health and Wellness


Module 22: Memory and Memory Encoding

Module 23: Memory Storage

Module 24: Memory Retrieval

Module 25: Forgetting

Module 26: Study Tips from the Science of Memory

Memory and Health and Wellness

Thinking, Intelligence, and Language

Module 27: The Cognitive Revolution in Psychology

Module 28: Thinking

Module 29: Intelligence

Module 30: Language

Thinking, Problem Solving, and Health and Wellness

Human Development

Module 31: Exploring Human Development

Module 32: Child Development

Module 33: Adolescence

Module 34: Emerging Adulthood, Adult Development, and Aging

Human Development and Health and Wellness

Motivation and Emotion

Module 35: Theories of Motivation and Approaches in Everyday Life

Module 36: Hunger, Obesity and Eating Disorders

Module 37: Emotion

Motivation, Emotion, and Health and Wellness: The Pursuit of Happiness

Gender, Sex, and Sexuality

Module 38: Sex and Gender

Module 39: Theories of Gender Development

Module 40: Psychology of Gender Differences

Module 41: Sexual Orientation

Module 42: Sexual Behaviors and Practices

Module 43: Sexual Variations and Disorders

Sexuality and Health and Wellness


Module 44: Psychodynamic Perspectives on Personality

Module 45: Humanistic Perspectives of Personality

Module 46: Trait Perspectives of Personality

Module 47: Personological and Life Story Perspectives

Module 48: Social Cognitive Perspectives of Personality

Module 49: Biological Perspectives of Personality

Module 50: Personality Assessment

Personality and Health and Wellness

Social Psychology

Module 51: Social Cognition

Module 52: Social Behavior

Module 53: Social Influence

Module 54: Social Relations

Social Psychology and Health and Wellness

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Module 55: Origins of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Module 56: Industrial Psychology

Module 57: Organizational Psychology

I/O Psychology and Health and Wellness

Abnormal Psychology

Module 58: Defining and Explaining Abnormal Behavior

Module 59: Anxiety Disorders

Module 60: Mood Disorders

Module 61: Dissociative Disorders

Module 62: Schizophrenia

Module 63: Personality Disorders

Psychological Disorders and Health and Wellness


Module 64: Biological Therapies

Module 65: Psychotherapy and its Effectiveness

Module 66: Sociocultural Approaches and Issues in Treatment

Therapies and Health and Wellness

Health Psychology

Module 67: Health Psychology and Making Positive Life Changes

Module 68: Resources for Effective Life Changes

Module 69: Toward a Healthier Mind (and Body): Controlling Stress

Module 70: Toward a Healthier Body (and Mind): Behaving as if Your Life Depends on It

Psychology and Your Good Life