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Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1 Managing Classrooms to Nurture Students, Build Self-Discipline, and Promote Learning

Part II: Establishing an Environment for Learning

Chapter 2 Designing the Physical Environment

Chapter 3 Developing Positive Teacher-Student Relationships

Chapter 4 Fostering Positive Peer Relationships

Chapter 5 Establishing Expectations for Behavior

Chapter 6 Knowing Your Students and Their Special Needs

Chapter 7 Working with Families

Chapter 8 Making the Most of Classroom Time

Part III: Organizing and Managing Instruction

Chapter 9 Enhancing Students' Motivation to Learn

Chapter 10 Managing Independent Work, Recitations, and Discussions

Chapter 11 Managing Small-Group Work

Part IV: Protecting and Restoring Order

Chapter 12Responding Effectively to Inappropriate Behavior

Chapter 13 Preventing and Responding to Violence


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