The Middle East: A History
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1. Geographic Prologue

2. Pre-Islamic Politics and Society in the Middle East

3. Muhammad: His Life and Leadership

4. The Establishment of the Muslim State

5. The Spread and Organization of the Muslim Empire Under the Umayyads

6. The Flowering of the Muslim World Under the Early Abbasids

7. Islam

8. Muslim Theology and Law

9. Muslim Civilization in the Middle East

10. Social Patterns

11. The Early Medieval Middle East

12. The Late Medieval Middle East

13. The Byzantine Empire

14. Ottoman Origins and Early History

15. The Winning of the Ottoman Empire

16. Expansion of the Ottoman Empire

17. Institutions of the Ottoman Empire

18. The Ottoman Empire as a World Power

19. The Flowering and Collapse of Safavid Iran

20. The Transformation of the Ottoman Empire

21. The Retreat of the Ottoman Empire Begins

22. The Era of the French Revolution and Napoleon

23. Mahmud II: Greek Nationalism and Ottoman Reform

24. Mehmet Ali, Ismail, and the Development of Egypt

25. Ottoman Tanzimat and European Ambitions

26. Abdulhamid II and Autocratic Reform

27. The Young Turks and Nationalism

28. British Occupation of Egypt and the Sudan

29. Qajar Iran and Reform

30. Iran's Constitutional Revolution

31. Impact of World War I upon the Middle East

32. The Turkish Republic Under Ataturk

33. Iran Between the Two World Wars

34. Egypt, the Sudan, and Libya

35. Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq Under the Mandate System

36. Palestine and Transjordan

37. World War II and the Middle East

38. Turkey from 1945 to 1980

39. Turkey Becomes More Democratic

40. Iran: Oil, Nationalism, Royal Dictatorship, and Social Change

41. The Islamic Republic of Iran

42. Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Wars in Afghanistan

43. The Partition of Palestine: Israel and Hashimite Jordan

44. Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinians After 1973

45. The Egyptian Republic and Independent Sudan

46. Egypt, Sudan, and Libya Since 1970

47. Independent Lebanon and Syria

48. Iraq After World War II

49. Smaller Arabian States

50. Saudi Arabia, Oil, and O.P.E.C

51. Trends Since 1945



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