Microsoft SQL Server 2005: A Beginner''s Guide
Table of Contents

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Program Details

Part I: SQL Server: Basic Concepts

Chapter 1: Database Systems and SQL Server

Chapter 2: SQL Server Management Studio

Part II: Transact-SQL Language

Chapter 3: SQL Components

Chapter 4: Data Definition Language

Chapter 5: Simple Queries

Chapter 6: Complex Queries

Chapter 7: Modification of a Table's Contents

Chapter 8: Stored Procedures and User-Defined Functions

Chapter 9: Indices and Query Optimization

Chapter 10: Views

Chapter 11: Systems Catalog

Chapter 12: SQL Server Security

Chapter 13: Triggers

Chapter 14: Transactions

Chapter 15: SQL Server System Environment

Part III: SQL Server: System Administration

Chapter 16: Overview of System Administration

Chapter 17: Planning the Installation and Installing SQL Server

Chapter 18: Managing Database and Database Files

Chapter 19: Managing Security

Chapter 20: Backup and Recovery

Chapter 21: Automating Systems Administration Tasks

Chapter 22: Performance and Tuning

Chapter 23: Data Partitioning

Chapter 24: Data Replication

Part IV: Microsoft Analysis Services

Chapter 25: Data Warehousing: An Introduction

Chapter 26: Microsoft Analysis Services

Chapter 27: Business Intelligence and SQL

Chapter 28: Microsoft Reporting Services

Part V: XML Support

Chapter 29: Overview of XML

Chapter 30: SQL Server 2005 and XML