Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010: A Lesson Approach, Complete
Table of Contents

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Graves; Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010: A Lesson Approach

Unit 1 – Basic Skills

Lesson 1: Getting Started in PowerPoint

Lesson 2: Developing Presentation Text

Lesson 3: Revising Presentation Text

Unit 2 – Presentation Illustration

Lesson 4: Working with Images

Lesson 5: Creating Tables

Lesson 6: Creating Charts

Lesson 7: Creating SmartArt Graphics

Unit 3 – Visual Impact

Lesson 8: Customizing Colors and Effects

Lesson 9: Refining Original Illustrations

Lesson 10: Animating and Using Multimedia Effects

Lesson 11: Customizing Themes and Slide Masters

Unit 4 – Development and Distribution

Lesson 12: Integrating and Other Programs

Lesson 13: Preparing a Presentation for Delivery

Lesson 14: Preparing for Electronic Distribution