Microsoft Office 2010: A Lesson Approach
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Hinkle; Microsoft Office 2010: A Lesson Approach


Unit 1 – Basic Skills

Lesson 1: Creating a Document

Lesson 2: Formatting Characters

Lesson 3: Writing Tools

Lesson 4: Formatting Paragraphs

Unit 2 – Paragraph Formatting, Tabs, and Advanced Editing

Lesson 5: Tabs and Tabbed Columns

Lesson 6: Move and Copy

Lesson 7: Find and Replace

Unit 3 – Page Formatting

Lesson 8: Margins and Print Options

Lesson 9: Page and Section Breaks

Lesson 10: Page Numbers, Headers, and Footers

Lesson 11: Styles and Themes

Lesson 12: Templates


Unit 1 – Introduction to Excel

Lesson 1: Getting Acquainted with Excel

Lesson 2: Developing Workbooks

Lesson 3: Developing and Editing Formatting Skills

Unit 2 – Working with Formulas and Functions

Lesson 4: Exploring Formula Basics

Lesson 5: Exploring Function and Argument Basics

Lesson 6: Using Dates, Times, and Logical Functions

Unit 3 – Presenting and Analyzing Worksheet Data

Lesson 7: Building Worksheet Charts

Lesson 8: Working with Excel Tables

Lesson 9: Using What-If Analysis Tools


Unit 1 – Understanding Access Databases

Lesson 1: Getting Started with a Database

Lesson 2: Viewing and Modifying Records

Lesson 3: Finding, Filtering, Sorting, and Summarizing Data

Lesson 4: Creating New Databases and Tables

Unit 2 – Designing and Managing Database Objects

Lesson 5: Managing Data Integrity

Lesson 6: Designing Queries

Lesson 7: Adding and Modifying Forms

Lesson 8: Adding and Modifying Reports


Unit 1 – Basic Skills

Lesson 1: Getting Started in PowerPoint

Lesson 2: Developing Presentation Text

Lesson 3: Revising Presentation Text

Unit 2 – Presentation Illustration

Lesson 4: Working with Images

Lesson 5: Creating Tables

Lesson 6: Creating Charts

Lesson 7: Creating SmartArt Graphics