The Micro Economy Today

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Part One: The Economic Challenge
Chapter 1: Economics: The Core Issues
Appendix: Using Graphs
Chapter 2: The U.S. Economy: A Global View
Chapter 3: Supply and Demand
Chapter 4: The Role of Government

Part Two: Product Markets: The Basics
Chapter 5: Consumer Choice
Appendix: Indifference Curves
Chapter 6: Elasticity
Chapter 7: The Costs of Production

Part Three: Market Structure
Chapter 8: The Competitive Firm
Chapter 9: Competitive Markets
Chapter 10: Monopoly
Chapter 11: Oligopoly
Chapter 12: Monopolistic Competition

Part Four: Regulatory Issues
Chapter 13: Natural Monopolies: (De)regulation?
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Chapter 15: The Farm Problem

Part Five: Factor Markets: Basic Theory
Chapter 16: The Labor Market
Chapter 17: Labor Unions
Chapter 18: Financial Markets

Part Six: Distributional Issues
Chapter 19: Taxes: Equity Versus Efficiency
Chapter 20: Transfer Payments: Welfare and Social Security

Part Seven: International Economics
Chapter 21: International Trade
Chapter 22: International Finance
Chapter 23: Global Poverty