McGraw-Hill's Essentials of Federal Taxation 2019 Edition
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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 An Introduction to Tax

Chapter 2 Tax Compliance , the IRS, and Tax Authorities

Chapter 3 Tax Planning Strategies and Related Limitations

Chapter 4 Individual Income Tax Overview, Exemptions, and Filing Status

Chapter 5 Gross Income and Exclusions

Chapter 6 Individual for AGI Deductions

Chapter 7 Individual from AGI Deductions

Chapter 8 Individual Income Tax Computation and Tax Credits

Chapter 9 Business Income, Deductions, and Accounting Methods

Chapter 10 Property Acquisition and Cost Recovery

Chapter 11 Property Dispositions

Chapter 12 Entities Overview

Chapter 13 Corporate Formations and Operations

Chapter 14 Corporate Nonliquidating and Liquidating Distributions

Chapter 15 Forming and Operating Partnerships

Chapter 16 Dispositions of Partnership Interests and Partnership Distributions

Chapter 17 S Corporations

Appendix A: Tax Forms

Appendix B: Tax Terms Glossary

Appendix C: Comprehensive Tax Return Problems

Appendix D: Code Index