Mastering Project Management: Applying Advanced Concepts to Systems Thinking, Control & Evaluation, Resource Allocation
Table of Contents

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Program Details

Part 1: what it’s all about

Chapter 1: So you want to master project management

Chapter 2: The job of managing

Chapter 3: Integrating leadership and management

Chapter 4: Leading to Learn and Learning to Lead…..Dr. Tom Boldrey

Chapter 5: Whole brain project management

Chapter 6: HT Achieve High performance Project management

Chapter 7: Power and Politics for Project management

Chapter 8: Dealing with cultural differences

Chapter 9: Defining Success and Failure

Chapter 10: Organizing for project management

Part 2: Tools and Techniques

Chapter 11: A Review of the Standard Tools

Chapter 12: The need for systems thinking in project management

Chapter 13: Understanding Systems thinking

Chapter 14: HT Apply systems thinking in managing projects

Chapter 15: Managing project Risks

Chapter 16: Improving decisions in projects

Part 3: Planning

Chapter 17: Developing a Shared Understanding of a Project

Chapter 18: Identifying Customer Requirements

Chapter 19: Managing resources in project Scheduling

Chapter 20: Scheduling Uncertainty in projects

Part 4: Control

Chapter 21: Tracking progress to Achieve project Control

Chapter 22: Accounting and Cost control

Chapter 23: Change control in project

Chapter 24: Managing vendors in projects

Chapter 25: Conducting project reviews

Chapter 26: managing quality projects

Part 5: Optimizing Project performance

Chapter 27: Improving project management processes

Chapter 28: Improving Estimating capability

Chapter 29: Managing Innovation in projeects