Marriage and Family: The Quest for Intimacy

This text combines a positive and practical approach to the study of marriage and family life. It is based on extensive and up-to-date research as reported in the journals and monographs. It shows how sociological theories apply to the various topics. Thus, it not only provides students with a basic understanding of marriage and family life, but also helps them apply this knowledge to enrich their lives and nurture their own intimate relationships.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents





Part One: The Context of Intimacy

Chapter 1: Marriage and Family in America: Needs, Myths, and Dreams

Chapter 2: Diversity in Families

Chapter 3: Gender Roles: Foundation for Intimacy

Chapter 4: Sexuality

Part Two: Seeking Intimate Relationships

Chapter 5 Getting Involved

Chapter 6: Falling in Love

Chapter 7: Selecting a Life Partner

Part 3: Intimacy in Marriage and Family Life

Chapter 8: Getting Married

Chapter 9: The Challenge of Communication

Chapter 10 Power and Conflict in Marriage

Chapter 11 Work and Home

Chapter 12 Becoming a Parent

Part 4: Challenges to Intimacy

Chapter 13: Family Crises

Chapter 14: Separation and Divorce

Chapter 15: Remarriage and Stepfamilies

Part 5: The Lifelong Quest

Chapter 16 Intimacy in the Later Years





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