Marketing: The Core
Roger Kerin and Steven Hartley’s Marketing: The Core is a more brief, 18-chapter version of their Marketing, the most rigorous and robust program on the market published in 19 countries and 11 languages. New for the 7th edition: --Coverage of analytics and data added across several chapters, --New cases featuring Coppertone, GoPro, and a completely updated Mall of America case --Updated chapter openers, cases, and discussions throughout to reflect current topics like virtual reality, binge-watching, customer-centricity, native advertising, and more.The 7th edition also continues to demonstrate the Kerin/Hartley commitment to engagement, leadership, and innovation: Engagement in class-tested, active learning activities (located throughout the Instructors Manual) to help instructors illustrate textbook concepts. Media-enhanced PPT slides,  alternate cases, and a 5,000+ item test bank, and more are included in the comprehensive resource suite. Leadership in leading, current content, with new emphasis on marketing metrics and data-driven decision-making, with hyperlinked assignments throughout help instructors easily correlate activities. Innovation in outcomes-oriented Connect®, including SmartBook, Application Exercises, and new Mini-Simulations and New Marketing Plan Prep exercises help prepare students to write successful marketing plans.
Table of Contents

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Program Details

Part 1 Initiating the Marketing Process
1 Creating Customer Relationships and Value through Marketing 2

2 Developing Successful Organizational and Marketing Strategies 24
Appendix A Building an Effective Marketing Plan 52
3 Understanding the Marketing Environment, Ethical Behavior,and Social Responsibility 68                               

Part 2 Understanding Buyers and Markets
4 Understanding Consumer Behavior 94

5  Understanding Organizations as Customers 122

6  Understanding and Reaching Global Consumers and Markets 142

Part 3 Targeting Marketing Opportunities
7 Marketing Research: From Customer Insights to Actions 172

8 Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning 202

Part 4 Satisfying Marketing Opportunities
9  Developing New Products and Services 228

10 Managing Successful Products, Services, and Brands 258

11 Pricing Products and Services 288

12 Managing Marketing Channels and Supply Chains 314

13 Retailing and Wholesaling 340

14 Integrated Marketing Communications and Direct Marketing368

15 Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Public Relations 394

16 Using Social Media and Mobile Marketing to Connect with Consumers 424

17 Personal Selling and Sales Management 452

Part 5 Managing the Marketing Process
18 Implementing Interactive and Multichannel Marketing 480

Appendix B Planning a Career in Marketing 504