Manufacturing Planning and Control for Supply Chain Management
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1. Manufacturing Planning and Control
Chapter 2. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Chapter 3. Demand Management
Chapter 4. Forecasting
Chapter 5. Sales and Operations Planning
Chapter 6. Advanced Sales and Operations Planning
Chapter 7. Master Production Scheduling
Chapter 8. Material Requirements Planning
Chapter 9. Advanced MRP
Chapter 10. Capacity Planning and Management
Chapter 11. Production Activity Control
Chapter 12. Advanced Scheduling
Chapter 13. Just-in-Time
Chapter 14. Distribution Requirements Planning
Chapter 15. Management of Supply Chain Logistics
Chapter 16. Order Point Inventory Control Methods
Chapter 17. Strategy and MPC System Design
Appendix A: Answers to APICS/CPIM Certification Questions
Appendix B: Areas of the Standard Normal Distribution