Managing Organizational Change: A Multiple Perspectives Approach
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* Provides a multiple perspectives approach to managing change, which recognizes the variety of ways to facilitate change and reinforces the need for a tailored and creative approach to fit different contexts.
* The third edition offers timely updates to previous content, while introducing new and emerging trends, developments, themes, debates, and practices.

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Table of Contents

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Program Details

PART 1 Groundwork: understanding and diagnosing change

1 Managing change: stories and paradoxes

2 Images of change management

3 Why change? contemporary pressures and drivers

4 What to change? a diagnostic approach

PART 2 Implementation: the substance and process of change

5 What changes—and what doesn’t?

6 Vision and the direction of change

7 Change communication strategies

8 Resistance to change

9 Organization development and sense-making approaches

10 Change management, processual, and contingency approaches

PART 3 Running threads: sustainability, and the effective change manager

11 Sustaining change versus initiative decay

12 The effective change manager: what does it take?