Managing Across Cultures: The 7 Keys to Doing Business with a Global Mindset
Table of Contents

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PART 1: Cultural Wisdom
1. Why Becoming CultureWise is More Important than Ever Before for Business Success

PART 2: What is Culture and What is Personal Style?
2. What is Culture? Understanding the CW Cultural Dimension and Your Personal Style
3. Hierarchy
4. Formality
5. Group Dependence
6. Relationships/Connections
7. Communication Styles
8. Time Orientation
9. Control
10. Motivation Work/Life Balance

PART 3: Putting CultureWise to Work
11. Creating a Global Mindset
12. Working with Diverse Colleagues and being on a Global Team
13. Effective Leadership Across Cultures: Creating Global Strategies to Manage Culturally Diverse Workforce
14. Special Issues Women Managers Encounter
15. Becoming CultureWise on an International Assignment