Table of Contents

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Thinking Like an Economist
PART 1  The Power of Economics
1 Economics and Life
2 Specialization and Exchange
PART 2  Supply and Demand
3 Markets
4 Elasticity
5 Efficiency
6 Government Intervention
Macroeconomics: Thinking Like a Macroeconomist
PART 3  The Data of Macroeconomics
7 Measuring GDP
8 The Cost of Living
PART 4  Labor Markets and Economic Growth
9 Unemployment and the Labor Market
10 Economic Growth
PART 5  The Economy in the Short and Long Run
11 Aggregate Expenditure
12 Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
13 Fiscal Policy
PART 6 The Financial System and Institutions
14 The Basics of Finance
15 Money and the Monetary System
16 Inflation
17 Financial Crisis
PART 7 International Policy Issues
18 Open-Market Macroeconomics
19 Development Economics