LSC PPK Creat Prob Sol & Eng
Table of Contents

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Program Details

Part One: Foundations Skills & Mental Models

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Visualization

Chapter 3 Mental Models

Chapter 4 Teamwork

Chapter 5 Communications

Chapter 6 Mental Blocks

Part Two: The Creative Problem Solving Process

Chapter 7 Problem Definition

Chapter 8 Idea Generation

Chapter 9 Creative Education

Chapter 10 Idea Judgement

Chapter 11 The Pugh Method

Chapter 12 Solution Implementation

Part Three: Application in Engineering Design

Chapter 13 Engineering Design

Chapter 14 The Engineering Design Process

Chapter 15 Organizing Desing Projects

Chapter 16 Economic Decision Making

Chapter 17 Design Documentation

Chapter 18 Innovation in the Workplace


A: QFD (Quality Function Deployment

B: Benchmarking

C: SPC (Statistical Process Control

D: FEMA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

E: FTA (Fault Tree Analysis)

F: TQM (Total Quality Management)