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Table of Contents

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PART 1 Social and Biological Foundations of Human Sexuality

Chapter 1 Cultural, Historical, and Research Perspectives on Sexuality

Chapter 2 Female Sexual Anatomy and Physiology

Chapter 3 Male Sexual Anatomy and Physiology

Chapter 4 Human Sexual Arousal and Response

Chapter 5 Developmental and Social Perspectives on Gender

PART 2 Understanding Sexuality in Ourselves and in Our Relationships

Chapter 6 Sexuality in Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence

Chapter 7 Adult Sexuality and Relationships

Chapter 8 Sexual Individuality and Sexual Values

Chapter 9 Sexuality, Communication, and Relationships

PART 3 Human Reproduction, Contraception, and Abortion: Sexuality Confronts Social Policy

Chapter 10 Reproduction, Reproductive Technology, and Birthing

Chapter 11 Decision Making about Pregnancy and Parenthood

PART 4 Sexual Behavior and Contemporary Society

Chapter 12 Solitary Sex and Shared Sex

Chapter 13 Sexual Orientation, Identity, and Behavior

Chapter 14 The Spectrum of Human Sexual Behavior

PART 5 Dealing with Sexual Problems

Chapter 16 Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV/AIDS, and Sexual Decisions

Chapter 17 Sexual Dysfunctions and Their Treatment