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-Provides practical information based on theoretical and research foundations that students can implement in a variety of infant and toddler settings.  
-With the impacts of school readiness and technology in early childhood education today, this program focuses on the value of free play, the development of self-reliance, and the importance of responsive, respectful interactions.

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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Part 1

Focus on the Caregiver

Chapter 1: Principles, Practice, and Curriculum

Chapter 2: Infant-Toddler Education

Chapter 3: Caregiving as Curriculum

Chapter 4: Play and Exploration as Curriculum

Part 2

Focus on the Child

Chapter 5: Attachment

Chapter 6: Perception

Chapter 7: Motor Skills

Chapter 8: Cognition

Chapter 9: Language

Chapter 10: Emotions

Chapter 11: Social Skills

Part 3

Focus on the Program

Chapter 12 The Physical Environment

Chapter 13 The Social Environment

Chapter 14 Adult Relations in Infant-Toddler Care and Education Programs