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Some students take psychology…others experience it! Informed by student data, Experience Psychology helps students understand and appreciate psychology as an integrated whole. The personalized, adaptive learning program, thought-provoking examples, and interactive assessments help students see psychology in the world around them and experience it in everyday life.

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Table of Contents

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Experience Psychology, 3e

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Science of Psychology

Chapter 2: The Brain and Behavior

Chapter 3: Sensation and Perception

Chapter 4: States of Consciousness

Chapter 5: Learning

Chapter 6: Memory

Chapter 7: Thinking, Intelligence, and Language

Chapter 8: Human Development

Chapter 9: Motivation and Emotion

Chapter 10: Personality

Chapter 11: Social Psychology

Chapter 12: Psychological Disorders

Chapter 13: Therapies

Chapter 14: Health Psychology

Available in Create: Human Development (chronological approach)

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