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Table of Contents

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Chapter One Overview of Statistics

Chapter Two Data Collection

Chapter Three Describing Data Visually

Chapter Four Descriptive Statistics

Chapter Five Probability

Chapter Six Discrete Probability Distributions

Chapter Seven Continuous Probability Distributions

Chapter Eight Sampling Distributions and Estimation

Chapter Nine One-Sample Hypothesis Tests

Chapter Ten Two-Sample Hypothesis Tests

Chapter Eleven Analysis of Variance

Chapter Twelve Simple Regression

Chapter Thirteen Multiple Regression

Chapter Fourteen Time-Series Analysis

Chapter Fifteen Chi-Square Tests

Chapter Sixteen Nonparametric Tests

Chapter Seventeen Quality Management

Chapter Eighteen (Web) Simulation

Appendix A Binomial Probabilities

Appendix B Poisson Probabilities

Appendix C-1 Standard Normal Areas

Appendix C-2 Cumulative Standard Normal Distribution

Appendix D Student's t Critical Values

Appendix E Chi-Square Critical Values

Appendix F Critical Values of F.10

Appendix G Solutions to Odd-Numbered Exercises

Appendix H Answers to Exam Review Questions

Appendix I Writing and Presenting Reports

Appendix J Excel Statistical Functions

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