The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business

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Table of Contents

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Part ONE Introduction: Legal Foundations for Business

1 Law as a Foundation for Business

2 The Role of Ethics in Decision Making

3 The Court System

4 Litigation

5 Alternative Dispute Resolution

6 The Constitution

Part TWO Basic Legal Principles

7 The Property System

8 Contract Formation

9 Contractual Performance and Breach

10 Torts Affecting Business

11 Intellectual Property

12 International Law

13 Criminal Law and Business

14 Business Organizations

Part THREE The Regulatory Landscape for Business

15 The Regulatory Process

16 Regulating Competition—Antitrust Laws

17 Financial and Securities Regulations

18 Regulations Protecting Consumer Purchases, Privacy, and Financial Activities

19 Environmental Regulation

Part FOUR The Employer–Employee Relationship

20 Discrimination in Employment

21 Employment Laws

22 Labor–Management Relationship