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Part 1: Teaching and Learning in Today's Classrooms

Chapter 1 The Scientific Basis for the Art of Teaching

Chapter 2 Student Learning in Diverse Classrooms

Part 2: The Leadership Aspects of Teaching

Chapter 3 Teacher Planning

Chapter 4 Learning Communities and Student Motivation

Chapter 5 Classroom Management

Chapter 6 Assessment and Evaluation

Part 3: Overview of Teacher-Centered Transmission Approaches To Teaching

Chapter 7 Presenting and Explaining

Chapter 8 Direct Instruction

Chapter 9 Concept and Inquiry-Based Teaching

Part 4: Overview of Student-Centered Constructivist Approaches To Teaching

Chapter 10 Cooperative Learning

Chapter 11 Problem-Based Learning

Chapter 12 Classroom Discussion

Chapter 13 Using Multiple Approaches to Teaching and Differentiation

Part 5: The Organizational Aspects of Teaching

Chapter 14 School Leadership and Collaboration




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