Leading Your Business Forward: Aligning Goals, People, and Systems for Sustainable Success https://www.mheducation.com/cover-images/Jpeg_400-high/0071817131.jpeg 1 9780071817134 IF YOU CAN READ A GPS DEVICE, YOU CAN NAVIGATE--AND SUSTAIN--YOUR COMPANY’S PATH TOWARD DRAMATIC GROWTH AND PROFIT SIMPLE IS BETTER! Businesses today are overwhelmed by complex, expensive, and time-consuming initiatives. These ideas sound great in the boardroom but fail when deployed in the real world. You need a business tool that takes your organization where it needs to go and is so simple and repeatable that anyone can use it. Just like a GPS helps get us where we are going, Leading Your Business Forward lays out a proven but simple process that any business can follow! Using the same five simple steps in every car's global positioning system--Acquiring, Settings, Where To, Recalculating, and Arriving--this book demonstrates just how quickly you can energize and transform your workplace. Leading Your Business Forward utilizes a simple Leadership GPS to show you how to: DETERMINE YOUR ORGANIZATION’S LONG-TERM GOALS ENGAGE YOUR STAFF TO WORK TOWARD THEM GAUGE AND IMPROVE PERFORMANCE ON AN ONGOING BASIS MANAGE SUCCESS SO IT STICKS You will learn how to apply GPS-based methods to mobilize operations while incorporating "destination-focused" initiatives. The authors explain why high-performing companies devote enormous energy toward three vital components: goals, people, and systems. And while the world's most profitable corporations all share a clearly defined vision and mission, what's often missing is a direct link between tactical operational goals and strategic direction. Not anymore. With Leading Your Business Forward you'll learn to incorporate measurable goals into your company's daily regimen. Plus, you'll have the management tools to maintain teams that are engaged, focused, accountable--and poised to drive results. Leading Your Business Forward provides everything you need to determine baseline indicators of capability and measure employee engagement, while setting a course for transformation--from the inside out. Set Your Company's Course for Unparalleled Growth! Over the past decade, business leaders have been given a number of different road maps to success, all of which promised viable how-to solutions for business growth. They were very good maps, yet, with few exceptions, they did not guide us to a sustainable level of success. What's missing? A true GPS for leaders. Utilizing the five simple steps associated with your car's GPS system, this guide shows executives how to manage expectations and measure employee engagement and accountability while boosting productivity. Having brought their critical insight and innovation to bear at firms like Michelin Tire, Harley-Davidson, Learjet, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Styrolution, DuPont, Boar's Head, Kroger, Revlon, Pfizer, Genentech, and Merck, the authors now present the ultimate resource for leaders. LEARN HOW TO: ESTABLISH KEY BENCHMARK INDICATORS DESIGN LEADERSHIP "PARAMETERS" SET DESTINATION GOALS TRACK COMPANY PROGRESS AND INCORPORATE ACCOUNTABILITY DEFINE BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS AMONG STAFF IMPLEMENT BUSINESS-FOCUSED SCORECARDS TO EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, AND FACILITATE
Leading Your Business Forward: Aligning Goals, People, and Systems for Sustainable Success

Leading Your Business Forward: Aligning Goals, People, and Systems for Sustainable Success

1st Edition
By John Pyecha and Shane Yount and Seth Davies and Anna Versteeg
ISBN10: 0071817131
ISBN13: 9780071817134
Copyright: 2013

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ISBN10: 0071817131 | ISBN13: 9780071817134



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Acknowledgments ix
Introduction xi

Section 1: Acquiring 1
Chapter 1: What’s the Status of Your Goals? 3
No Secrets 7
Assessment: “Acquiring” your fix on business-focused goals10
Chapter 2: How Engaged Are Your People? 13
A Broken Engagement 15
What Does Engagement Look Like? 16
Assessment: “Acquiring” the engagement status of your team members 18
Chapter 3: Do You Have Leadership Systems in Place? 21
Managing by the 3 Ps 22
Process Based Leadership Systems 27
Assessment: Do you have leadership systems in place? 34

Section 2: Settings 37
Chapter 4: People Setting No. 1—Interpersonal Relations 39
Cultural Diversity 41
Generational Diversity 45
Communication Styles: D.A.R.E. to Understand 53
Listening Processes—Really Listening 61
Assessment: How well do you listen? 63
Chapter 5: People Setting No. 2—Behavioral Expectations 65
Nonnegotiable Expectations 68
Negotiable Expectations 69
Chapter 6: People Setting No. 3—Feedback 73
Chapter 7: People Setting No. 4—Leadership Traits 77
Humility 80
Passion 82
Stewardship 84
Vision 86
Integrity 87
Assessment:Do you have the traits of an effective leader? 88

Section 3: Where To? 93
Chapter 8: Goals and the Business Scorecard 95
Key Business Focus Areas 98
SMART Goals/Objectives 105
Chapter 9: People, the Scorecard, and Engagement 113
Action Register 114
Personal Action Register 117
Chapter 10: Continuing Your “Trip” through Productive Meetings 125
Standard Meeting Agenda 130

Section 4: Recalculating 135
Chapter 11: When the Scorecard Turns Red (or Too 137 Green)
Chapter 12: Improving Performance and Engagement 143
Scorecard Revision 144
Best Practices 147
Accountability Analysis 148

Section 5: Arriving! 153
Chapter 13: Celebrate! 155
Chapter 14: Sustaining Success 163
Acquiring 164
Settings 165
Where To? 165
Recalculating 165
Arriving! 166

Appendix I: Cultural Differences 167
Appendix II: Process-Based Leadership Business Scorecards 171
Appendix III: Case Studies 187

Case Study 1: Cultural Change at Army Industrial Base Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Facility (AIBMROF) 188
Case Study 2: Measurable Results at Large Scale Military Equipment OEM 190
Case Study 3: Oil and Gas Processor (OGP) Achieves Lasting Returns 194
Case Study 4: International Ink Manufacturer (IIM) Gets Great Return 197
Case Study 5: Private Jet Manufacturer (PJM) Reaches New Heights 199
Case Study 6: World Class Evaporator Manufacturer Delivers Results 202
Case Study 7: Army Tactical Assault Vehicle Overhaul Repair Facility Improves Operations 204
Appendix IV: 25 Leadership GPS “Tuesday Tips” 207

Bibliography 227
Index 229

About the Author

John Pyecha

Shane Yount

Seth Davies

Anna Versteeg