Launching the Imagination 2D
Launching the Imagination treats design as both a verb and a noun - as both a process and a product. Design is deliberate - a process of exploring multiple solutions and choosing the most promising option. Through an immersion in 2-D concepts students are encouraged to develop methods of thinking visually that will serve them throughout their studies and careers.  
Table of Contents

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Preface xx
Introduction xvi

Part 1: Two-Dimensional Design
Chapter 1: Basic Elements
Chapter 2: The Element Of Color
Chapter 3: Principles of Two-Dimensional Design
Chapter 4: Illusion of Space and Illusion of Motion

Part 2: Concepts and Critical Thinking
Chapter 5: Problem Seeking and Problem Solving
Chapter 6: Cultivating Creativity
Chapter 7: Developing Critical Thinking
Chapter 8: Constructing Meaning