Laboratory Manual for Stern's Introductory Plant Biology
Table of Contents

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1 The Microscope

2 The Cell

3 Mitosis

4 Roots

5 Stems

6 Leaves

7 Plant Propagation

8 Cell Components and Products

9 Diffusion, Growth, and Hormones

10 Photosynthesis

11 Water in Plants; Respiration; Digestion

12 Meiosis and Alternation of Generations

13 Domain and Kingdom Survey

14 Domains (Kingdoms) Archaea and Bacteria; Kingdom Protista

15 Kingdom Fungi (Mycota)

16 Kingdom Plantae: Bryophytes and Ferns

17 Kingdom Plantae: Gymnosperms

18 Kingdom Plantae: Angiosperms (Flowering Plants-Phylum Magnoliophyta

19 Fruits, Spices, and Survival Plants

20 Ecology

21 Genetics