Laboratory Manual for Applied Botany
Table of Contents

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1 Cells of Crystal and Color

2 Cell Division and Cloning

3 Plant Tissues-The Fabrics of Our Lives

4 Plant Architecture

5 Plants Do It All-Photosynthesis, Respiration, and Transpiration

6 Say It With Flowers

7 Fleshy Fruits and Flying Seeds

8 Genetic Diversity of Our Food

9 Algae-From Diversity to Dessert

10 Your Piece of the Sun

11 Leaves of Grass

12 The Lowdown on Legumes

13 Food from Underground and Far Away

14 The Spice of Life

15 The Beauty of Wood

16 Bioprospecting for Medicinal Plants

17 Bioactive Drugs in Action

18 The Fungus Among Us

Appendix A Science as a Process

Appendix B Field Trip to a Health Food Store

Appendix C A Taster's Sampler of Caffeine Beverages and Foods

Appendix D Notes to Instructors