Lab Manual for Chemistry: Atoms First
Table of Contents

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Laboratory 1 Exploration of Matter through Density Determinations: An Introduction to Basic Laboratory Measurements

Laboratory 2 The Discovery of Chemical Change Through the Chemistry of Copper: An Observational Preview of First-Semester General Chemistry

Laboratory 3 Light and Nanotechnology: How Do We “See” Something Too Small to See?

Laboratory 4 Shedding Light on the Structure of the Atom

Laboratory 5 Periodic Trends: Densities in the Chromium Family of Transition Metals

Laboratory 6 Molecular Geometry and Polarity

Laboratory 7 Percent Composition from Gravimetric Analysis: Calcium Carbonate in Texas Limestone

Laboratory 8 Limiting Reactant Lab

Laboratory 9 Qualitative Analysis: Testing the Solubility Rules

Laboratory 10 Titration I. Determination of an Unknown Diprotic Acid Through Volumetric Analysis

Laboratory 11 The Activity Series: On the Chemistry of Metals

Laboratory 12 Calorimetry

Laboratory 13 Gas Laws: Boyle's Law and Experimental Determination of the Ideal Gas Constant

Laboratory 14 A Capstone Experience: Toward the Creation of an Automobile Airbag

Laboratory 15 On the Nature of Solutions: Polarity, Energy, and Properties

Laboratory 16 Molar Mass Determination Through Freezing Point Depression

Laboratory 17 Kinetics—The Hydrolysis of p-Nitrophenyl Acetate

Laboratory 18 Determination of the Equilibrium Constant of Phenolphthalein Dissociation

Laboratory 19 Le Chatelier's Principle: On the Effect of Concentration and Temperature on Equilibrium

Laboratory 20 Titration II. pH Titration Curves

Laboratory 21 Determining the Molar Solubility Product of Copper(II) Tartrate

Laboratory 22 Thermodynamics of Formation of a Borax Solution

Laboratory 23 Galvanic Cells and the Measurement of Cell Potential

Laboratory 24 Color Changes in Ionizing Foot Baths? (Testing Marketing Claims: A Case Study)

Laboratory 25 The Formation and Reactivity of Esters: A Bridge from General to Organic Chemistry