Kelly's Dimensions of Professional Nursing, Tenth Edition
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Chapter 1. Care of the Sick: A Historical Overview; Chapter 2. The Influence of Florence Nightingale; Chapter 3. The Evolution of the Trained Nurse, 1873-1903; Chapter 4. The Emergence of the Modern Nurse, after 1904; Chapter 5. Major Studies of the Nursing Profession; Chapter 6. The Impact of Social and Scientific Changes; Chapter 7. Health Care Delivery: Where?; Chapter 8. Health Care Delivery: Who?; Chapter 9. Nursing as a Profession; Chapter 10. Professional Ethics and the Nurse; Chapter 11. Profile of the Modern Nurse; Chapter 12. Major Issues and Trends in Nursing Education; Chapter 13. Programs in Nursing Education; Chapter 14. Nursing Research: Status, Problems, Issues; Chapter 15. Opportunities in Modern Nursing; Chapter 16. Leadership for an Era of Change; Chapter 17. An Introduction to the Law; Chapter 18. The Legislative Process; Chapter 19. Major Legislation Affecting Nursing; Chapter 20. Licensure and Health Personnel Credentialing; Chapter 21. Nursing Practice and the Law; Chapter 22. Health Care and the Rights of People; Chapter 23. Organizational Procedures and Issues; Chapter 24. National Student Nurses' Association; Chapter 25. American Nurses Association; Chapter 26. The Tri-Council for Nursing; Chapter 27. Other Nursing and Related Organizations in the United States; Chapter 28. Major International Organizations; Chapter 29. Making Choices: Job Selection; Chapter 30. Career Management