IoT Inc: How Your Company Can Use the Internet of Things to Win in the Outcome Economy
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Introduction: What's the Deal with IoT?

Part One: The Business End of IoT

Chapter 1: IoT Tech Defined from a Value Perspective

Chapter 2: Creating Value with IoT

Chapter 3: Monetizing IoT Value

Chapter 4: The Changing Customer Relationship

Part Two: Analyzing Your Business Through The IoT Lens

Chapter 5: Your Industry and The Changes Coming

Chapter 6: IoT Competition & IoT Competitive Advantages

Chapter 7: The Outcome Economy

Chapter 8: Your New IoT Company – Department by Department

Chapter 9: Defining Your IoT Product’s Requirements

Chapter 10: Getting Started

Part Three: A Tech Deep Dive into IoT

Chapter 11: The Software-Defined Product

Chapter 12: The Hardware-Defined Product

Chapter 13: The Network Fabric

Chapter 14: External Systems Including Other IoT Products

Chapter 15: IoT Analytics on Big Data

Chapter 16: IoT Cyber Security and Risk Management