The Investing Revolutionaries: How the World's Greatest Investors Take on Wall Street and Win in Any Market 1 9780071623940 Over the past five years, James Whiddon has interviewed some of the world’s brightest, best, and most influential men and women in finance on his popular radio show, The Investing Revolution. While the topics under discussion have ranged widely, the show’s mission has remained constant: Reveal the truth about how Wall Street has rigged the game so that it always wins—at everyone else’s expense—and offer investors an alternative to Wall Street to help them participate directly in free market capitalism and achieve astonishing longterm gains. In The Investing Revolutionaries, Whiddon distills all of that financial genius into a witty, wise elixir guaranteed to cure what ails your aching portfolio. Indispensable reading for professional and retail investors who want to free themselves from the tyranny of the Wall Street status quo, it delivers the insights of a host of luminaries, including John Bogle, Michael Mauboussin, Mohamed El-Erian, Richard Thaler, and Jeremy Siegel. Each financial powerhouse featured in the book weighs in on the slick marketing ploys, statistical sleights of hand, and psychological button-pushing the denizens of Lower Manhattan routinely employ to separate you from your money. They also offer priceless tips on such topics as The advantages of passive versus active portfolio management (how to achieve stellar gains through superdiversification) Global investing (is China really a good investment?) Avoiding common behavioral traps (running with the herd will get you gored) Forget about stock picking and market timing. Say farewell to mutual fund gurus and the hyperbolic claims of the technical wizards. Investors of the world, you have nothing to lose but your chains. And now The Investing Revolutionaries provides you with the key.
The Investing Revolutionaries: How the World's Greatest Investors Take on Wall Street and Win in Any Market

The Investing Revolutionaries: How the World's Greatest Investors Take on Wall Street and Win in Any Market

1st Edition
By James Whiddon and Nikki Knotts
ISBN10: 0071623949
ISBN13: 9780071623940
Copyright: 2009

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ISBN10: 0071623949 | ISBN13: 9780071623940



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John Bogle, The Revolutionary
Bob Litan on Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism and Emerging Markets
A Nobel Perspective: Capitalism Looking for Direction with Edmund Phelps
Bursting the Bubble Mentality with Daniel Gross
Bob Samuelson and the Recession Fire Drill Sell Low, Cry High
Investing Differentiators with Weston Wellington
Section III: Investing Behaviors
The Paradox of Barry Schwartz: Why Less Is More
Jason Zweig Explains the Brain: How Do We Decide?
Dr. Peter DeMarzo and the Herd Mentality of Investing Michael Mauboussin Asks, Are You the Ant or the Grasshopper?
Peter Bernstein Explains Why Losses Hurt So Much Opportunity Lost - The Fear Tax
Richard Thaler's Deal or No Deal
Kenneth French on The Simple Arithmetic of Active Management
John Stossel's Clear Look at the Issues
The D.U.M.B. Funds
Edward Prescott on Tax Rates and Economic Growth
What About China? Guest: Kenneth Lieberthal
The Oil Problem as seen by William J Pike
Marvin Zonis on the Global Political Economy
Why Stocks Are Safer Than Bonds Nick Murray
Economic Forecasting - Cash Only with guest Geroge Walper, Jr
Eugene Fama, Efficient Economist
Jeremy Siegel and the Pessimists' Favorite Investment
Jane Bryant Quinn's Bad Investments Rule of Thumb
The Million Dollar Myth
The Big Problem with Index Funds and ETF's according to Gene Fama, Jr

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Nikki Knotts