Introductory Financial Accounting for Business
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- Delayed Debits/Credits: By removing or delaying introduction of terms like “debits” and “credits,” we can improve critical thinking, engagement, and understanding – training students to be decision makers rather than bookkeepers.
- Lecture Videos: Highly engaging author-created videos covering each learning objective

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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Accounting
Chapter 2 Accounting for Accruals
Chapter 3 Accounting for Deferrals
Chapter 4 Accounting for Merchandising Businesses
Chapter 5 Accounting for Inventories
Chapter 6 Internal Control and Accounting for Cash
Chapter 7 Accounting for Receivables
Chapter 8 Accounting for Long-Term Operational Assets
Chapter 9 Accounting for Current Liabilities and Payroll
Chapter 10 Accounting for Long-Term Debt
Chapter 11 Proprietorships, Partnerships, and Corporations
Chapter 12 Statement of Cash Flows
Chapter 13: The Double-Entry Accounting System
Chapter 14: Financial Statement Analysis
Appendix A Accessing the EDGAR Database through the Internet
Appendix B Portion of the Form 10-K for Target Corporation
Appendix C Summary of Financial Ratios
Appendix D General Ledger Capstone Project
Appendix E Financial Analysis Capstone Project
Appendix F Accounting for Investment Securities
Appendix G Time Value of Money