An Introduction to Semiconductor Devices
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 The Crystal Structure of Solids

Chapter 2 Theory of Solids

Chapter 3 The Semiconductor in Equilibrium

Chapter 4 Carrier Transport Phenomena

Chapter 5 The pn Junction

Chapter 6 Fundamentals of the MOS Transistor

Chapter 7 The MOSFET: Additional Concepts

Chapter 8 Nonequilibrium Excess Carriers in Semiconductors

Chapter 9 The pn Junction Diode

Chapter 10 The Bipolar Transistor

Chapter 11 Additional Semiconductor Devices and Device Concepts

Chapter 12 Optical Devices

Appendix A Selected List of Symbols

Appendix B System of Units, Conversion FActors, and General Constants

Appendix C The Periodic Table

Appendix D "Derivation" of Schrodinger's Wave Equation

Appendix E Units of Energy-The Electron-Volt

Appendix F Derivation of Density of States Function

Appendix G Derivation of Shockley-Read-Hall Recombination Rates

Appendix H Answers to Selected Problems