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Table of Contents

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Program Details

1 Introduction

2 Overview of the Operations Research Modeling Approach

3 Introduction to Linear Programming

4 Solving Linear Programming Problems: The Simplex Method

5 The Theory of the Simplex Method

6 Duality Theory

7 Linear Programming under Uncertainty

8 Other Algorithms for Linear Programming

9 The Transportation and Assignment Problems

10 Network Optimization Models

11 Dynamics Programming

12 Integer Programming

13 Nonlinear Programming

14 Metaheuristics

15 Game Theory

16 Decision Analysis

17 Queing ANalysis

18 Inventory Analysis

19 Markov Decision Processes

20 Simulation

Appendix 1 Documentation for the OR Courseware

Appendex 2 Convexity

Appendix 3 Classical Optimization Methods

Appendix 4 Matricies and Matrix Operations

Appendix 5 Table for a Normal Distribution