Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
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1 Introduction

2 The First Law and Other Basic Concepts

3 Volumetric Properties of Pure Fluids

4 Heat Effects

5 The Second Law of Thermodynamics

6 Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids

7 Applications of Thermodynamics to Flow Processes

8 Production of Power from Heat

9 Refrigeration and Liquefaction

10 Vapor/Liquid Equilbrium: Introduction

11 Solution Thermodynamics: Theory

12 Solution Thermodynamics: Applications

13 Chemical-Reaction Equilibria

14 Topics in Phase Equilibria

15 Thermodynamic Analysis of Processes

16 Introduction to Molecular Thermodynamics


A Conversion Factors and Values of the Gas Constant

B Properties of Pure Species

C Heat Capacities and Property Changes of Formation

D Representative Computer Programs

E The Lee/Kesler Generalized-Correlation Tables

F Steam Tables

G Thermodynamic Diagrams


I Newton's Method

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