Intimate Relationships, Marriages, and Families
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Intimate Relationships, Marriages, and Families in the Twenty-First Century

Chapter 2: Gender: Identity and Roles

Chapter 3: Being Single

Chapter 4: Attraction and Dating

Chapter 5: Love and Mate Selection

Chapter 6: Qualities of a Successful Marriage

Chapter 7: Marital Relationships over The Family Life Cycle

Chapter 8: Work, Family Roles, and Material Resources

Chapter 9: Power, Decision Making, and Communication

Chapter 10: Sexual Relationships

Chapter 11: Family Planning and Parenting

Chapter 12: Pregnancy and Childbirth

Chapter 13: Parent-Child Relationships

Chapter 14: Parents and Extended Family Relationships

Chapter 15: Conflict, Family Crises, and Crisis Management

Chapter 16: The Family and Divorce

Chapter 17: Coming Together: Remarriage and Stepparenting