Intersubband Transitions In Quantum Structures
Intersubband Transitions In Quantum Structures

Intersubband Transitions In Quantum Structures

1st Edition
By Roberto Paiella
ISBN10: 0071457925
ISBN13: 9780071457927
Copyright: 2006

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ISBN10: 0071457925 | ISBN13: 9780071457927



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Chapter 1. Quantum Cascade Lasers: Overview of Basic Principles of Operation and State of the Art C. Sirtori (Université Paris 7 and THALES Research & Technology, France) and R. Teissier (Université Montpellier 2, France)

Chapter 2. Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers A. Tredicucci (Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy) and R. Köhler (Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy)

Chapter 3. High-Speed Operation and Ultrafast Pulse Generation with Quantum Cascade Lasers R. Paiella (Boston University), R. Martini (Stevens Institute of Technology), A. Soibel (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech), H.C. Liu (National Research Council, Canada), and F. Capasso (Harvard University)

Chapter 4. Ultrafast Dynamics of Intersubband Excitations in Quantum Wells and Quantum Cascade Structures T. Elsaesser (Max Born Institute, Germany)

Chapter 5. Optical Nonlinearities in Intersubband Transitions and Quantum Cascade Lasers C. Gmachl (Princeton University), O. Malis (Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies), and A. Belyanin (Texas A&M University)

Chapter 6. Raman Injection and Inversionless Intersubband Lasers A. Belyanin (Texas A&M University), M. Troccoli (Harvard University), and F. Capasso (Harvard University)

Chapter 7. Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector – High Absorption and High Speed Properties, and Two-Photon Response H.C. Liu (National Research Council, Canada) and H. Schneider (Institute of Ion-Beam Physics and Material Research, Germany)

Chapter 8. Intersubband Transitions in Quantum Dots P. Bhattacharya (University of Michigan), A.D. Stiff-Roberts (Duke University), X. Su (University of Michigan), S. Chakrabarti (University of Michigan), and C.H. Fischer (MIT Lincoln Lab)

Chapter 9. Intersubband Transitions in Si/SiGe Heterojunctions, Quantum Dots and Quantum Wells H. Sigg (Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland)

Chapter 10. All-Optical Modulation and Switching in the Communication Wavelength Regime Using Intersubband Transitions in InGaAs/AlAsSb Heterostructures A. Neogi (University of North Texas)