Interpersonal Skills in Organizations
With the 6th edition, the authors continue to take a fresh, thoughtful look at the key skills necessary for personal and managerial success today.  Organized into 4 distinct sections (Understanding Yourself, Understanding Others, Understanding Teams, and Leading), the text follows an experiential approach and is full of exercises, cases, and group activities. CONNECT: A highly reliable, easy-to-use homework and learning management solution that embeds learning science and award-winning adaptive tools to improve student results (applied & practical, results-driven technology).

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Table of Contents

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Unit 1: Intrapersonal Effectiveness: Understanding Yourself 
Chapter 1: Journey into Self-awareness
Chapter 2: Self-disclosure and Trust
Chapter 3: Establishing Goals Consistent with Your Values and Ethics  
Chapter 4: Self-management
Unit 2: Interpersonal Effectiveness: Understanding and Working with Others 
Chapter 5: Understanding and Working with Diverse Others 
Chapter 6: Listening and Nonverbal Communication
Chapter 7: Communicating Effectively
Chapter 8: Persuading Individuals and Audiences
Unit 3: Understanding and Working in Teams 
Chapter 9: Negotiation
Chapter 10: Building Teams and Work Groups
Chapter 11: Managing Conflict
Chapter 12: Achieving Business Results through Effective Meetings
Chapter 13: Facilitating Team Success
Chapter 14: Making Decisions and Solving Problems Creatively
Unit 4: Leading Individuals and Groups
Chapter 15: Effective and Ethical Use of Power and Influence
Chapter 16: Networking and Mentoring
Chapter 17: Coaching and Providing Feedback for Improved Performance
Chapter 18: Leading and Empowering Self and Others
Chapter 19: Project Management