International Financial Management
Table of Contents

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Part One: Foundations of International Financial Management

Chapter 1: Globalization and the Multinational Firm

Chapter 2: International Monetary System

Chapter 3: Balance of Payments

Chapter 4: Corporate Governance Around the World

Part Two: The Foreign Exchange Market, Exchange Rate Determination, and Currency Derivatives

Chapter 5: The Market for Foreign Exchange

Chapter 6: International Parity Relationships and Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rates

Chapter 7: Futures and Options on Foreign Exchange

Part Three: Foreign Exchange Exposure and Management

Chapter 8: Management of Transaction Exposure

Chapter 9: Management of Economic Exposure

Chapter 10: Management of Translation Exposure

Part Four: World Financial Markets and Institutions

Chapter 11: International Banking and Money Market

Chapter 12: International Bond Market

Chapter 13: International Equity Markets

Chapter 14: Interest Rate and Currency Swaps

Chapter 15: International Portfolio Investment

Part Five: Financial Management of the Multinational Firm

Chapter 16: Foreign Direct Investment and Cross-Border Acquisitions

Chapter 17: International Capital Structure and the Cost of Capital

Chapter 18: International Capital Budgeting

Chapter 19: Multinational Cash Management

Chapter 20: International Trade Finance

Chapter 21: International Tax Environment and Transfer Pricing