Inside the Civano Project (GreenSource Books)
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1. A Seed is Planted: The Early Stages of Land Planning
Chapter 2. The Public/Private Partnership: A Balancing Act
Chapter 3. Guiding Growth: Master Planning and Analysis
Chapter 4. Impacts and Adjustments: The Basics of High Performance, a.k.a. Green
Chapter 5. Germination
Chapter 6. Tug of War: Rediscovery
Chapter 7. Ground Breaking: Neighborhood One
Chapter 8. A Middle Ground--Phase II: The Costs and Benefits of Production Housing
Chapter 9. Civano's DNA: Leading the Evolution
Chapter 10. The Future Neighborhoods: Phase III, IV, the Commercial Center, and Beyond
Appendix A: Civano Impact System Memorandum of Understanding on Implementation and Monitoring Processes: Signed June 26, 1998
Appendix B: Revised Sustainable Energy Standard