Influencing Powerful People : Engage and Command the Attention of the Decision-Makers to Get What You Need to Succeed
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SECTION 1: An Underrated and Understudied Art; Chapter 1. On Engaging Powerful People; SECTION 2: Powerful People: Who They Are and How They See Us; Chapter 2. An Explosive Mix of Brilliance, Energy and Ego; Chapter 3. Help Wanted - That's us!; SECTION 3: The Six Critical Attitudes for Dealing with Powerful People; Chapter 4. Competence - It all starts here; Chapter 5. Energy - Working with powerful people is Not For the Faint at Heart; Chapter 6. Humility - The Strength to Submerge Our Ego; Chapter 7. Empathy - The Essential Expertise of Relating Well; Chapter 8. Diplomacy - The Weapon of the Less Powerful; Chapter 9. Independence - The Key to Keeping Perspective and Staying out of Trouble; SECTION 4: The Seven Things We Do For Powerful People; Chapter 10. Survive: The Scrutiny Never Stops; Chapter 11. Get Results: Getting Done What We Were Hired to Do; Chapter 12. Complement: Covering Off their Weaknesses; Chapter 13. Facilitate: Meeting the Need for Translation, Mediation and "Clean Up"; Chapter 14. Advise: Helping Decision Makers Think Things Through; Chapter 15. Put on the Breaks : Being an Effective Counterweight; Chapter 16. Coach: Providing Feedback with Caution; SECTION 5: Advice for Powerful People; Chapter 17. Seven Things People Can Do to Make Their (And Our) Lives Easier; Chapter 18. A Final Thought: Powerful People Need People Who Don't Need Them;