From Idea to Success: The Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network Guide for Start-Ups
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Introduction; SECTION 1- The Framework; Chapter 1: Who is the Entrepreneur?; Chapter 2: The Right Words to Say; Chapter 3: What's the Idea?; Chapter 4: Thinking About the Market; Chapter 5: Intellectual Property and Licensing; Chapter 6: Execution and Risk; SECTION 2- Building Your Idea; Chapter 7: Building a Business Plan; Chapter 8: The Founding Team/ Chapter 9: Building Boards; Chapter 10: Hiring People; Chapter 11: Your Competition; Chapter 12: On Money; SECTION 3- Managing the Company; Chapter 13: Keeping it Legal; Chapter 14: Non-profits and Social Entrepreneurship; Chapter 15: Everything's Negotiable; Chapter 16: On Sales and Selling; Chapter 17: Communication; Chapter 18: Making a Decision; Chapter 19: Accounting and Finance; Chapter 20: Correcting Your Course; Chapter 21: Growth, Incentives, and Change; Chapter 22: Liquidity; Conclusion